How Does Workspace as a Service Make the Modern Workplace More Secure?

The modern workforce is very mobile. Between laptops, tablets and phones, we are all connecting to our apps via a multitude of devices.


Workspace as a Service (WaaS) simplifies this process, storing all data and applications in a cloud desktop.

Security and convenience are both inherent to WaaS.  For example, you can access your desktop from your phone.  However, if you lose it, there is no need to worry about the whoops as the desktop on every device is password protected and not obviously present on the lost device.  Try that with data stored on your c:/drive!

Then there’s the security for the company: should an employee act with malicious intent against company data, the WaaS provider will act quickly to shut the staffer down or restore the data lost in just a matter of minutes.

With company owned infrastructure, sure the backups may be there, but where are they and does anyone really know how to access them?  When that answer is yes, no doubt it comes because the company outsourced the backup to, indeed, a cloud provider.