Hosted Servers

Cloud Servers

Infrastructure as a Service lets you quickly seize new business opportunities and get projects up and running faster, without waiting for IT to be deployed.

Scale your IT usage up and down to meet seasonal demands, project-based requirements or growth. A business is able to seize new projects and be up and running faster with minimum IT effort. With your servers and our Cloud, you will receive the best service in the industry. Prime gives you on-demand capacity with the best infrastructure tools and utilities in the industry. CloudServer is backed by vCloud hypervisor, NetApp storage, and Cisco UCS blade chassis.

Optimize Your Resources

With your infrastructure being hosted off-site you free up your IT staff to focus on value-added tasks such as planning and development, instead of running around patching machines and fixing bugs. By abstracting hardware into a pool of computing, storage and connectivity capabilities that are delivered as services, CloudServer simplifies operations and allows you to focus on business. Reduce risk, eliminate headaches, and save money with CloudServer.


CloudServer is a pay-as-you-go model, which allows you to scale up or down depending on your needs. When it comes to pricey hardware, you can save a lot by buying only what you use. We know that every business is different, so we offer a solution that can mold to the specific needs of your company. Don’t worry about limited storage space or high costs when your needs change. CloudServer grows when you grow. Quickly seize new opportunities and get projects up and running with the scalability of our solution.

Cost Effective

CloudServer has a usage-based cost which allows for scalability that works with your ever-changing needs. This ensures that you are only paying for what you use. If you find yourself facing space, power, and capital expenditure issues due to the increasing number of in-house servers and storage you’re purchasing, CloudServer is what you need. IaaS can help eliminate many of the negative aspects of IT expansion, especially issues with in-house infrastructure and large expenses, while still giving you the processing power and storage space you need. Experience enterprise-class infrastructure at a fraction of the costs with CloudServer.

Eliminate IT Headaches

CloudServer is accompanied by the best CloudIntelligence team in the industry to help you through any setup or questions. We can maintain as much or as little as you want and can help with all upgrades and updates. RapidScale has two call centers with IT professionals staffed at any given time. This allows you to operate worry-free and know that you always have support. Whether it be after-hours maintenance and testing or changes in your infrastructure, you will always be able to know that this can be done with our assistance.


Virtual servers offer numerous advantages over physical servers. Manageability of virtual servers is easier because you can easily connect to the servers console remotely without the need for special remote access hardware. You can also duplicate virtual servers and create templates to quickly create new ones. Lastly, virtual servers all see the same virtual hardware (except for processors) regardless of the physical hardware they are hosted on. This ensures that your applications all run on similar hardware to eliminate problems that may arise from dissimilar hardware.

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