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Because our Hosted Phone System provides full service with no expensive on-premise equipment to maintain, you’ll be able to manage a seamless operation. Adding new devices like computers, faxes, or mobile phones to the Cloud Phone System is easy and guarantees enhanced communications across every level of your company.

Are you looking for a reliable, multi-line phone system that will provide you with consistent, dedicated phone service customized to your company’s needs? Our Cloud-based Hosted Phone Systems allow for full, seamless integration on all of your devices, enabling you to join in on the conversation even when you’re on a business trip. You and your staff will be able to maintain and configure your system through our user-friendly web portal, all with no capital investment.

Hosted PBX provides your company with constant power backup, maintenance, updates, patches, monitoring, and security—all at no additional charge. Our dedicated team members will install the equipment and answer any questions you might have, giving you the support you need to run your company.

Get unlimited local and outbound domestic long distance calling included in your package.

Once your Cloud VoIP system is installed, you will enjoy increased security and superior service and be able to access our web portals that allow for superior call management. Instead of reading messages or scrolling through Caller ID logs, you’ll be able to see who called you and when they called- right on your computer screen.

Our system also provides multiple programming options that will ensure you never miss a call:

    • Find Me: Arrange for incoming calls to ring to different phones both in the office and out of the office- as you choose. Great for guaranteeing call coverage no matter where you are!
    • Follow Me: Forward calls to your cell phone without giving out your private number.
    • Multi-Ring: Ring multiple phones at the same time. Great for mobile users! Never miss that important call!
    • On-screen Assistant: Check phone status (busy or idle), transfer calls or set up conference calls with a click of a mouse. Know who is on the phone and who is available. Point and click transfer makes transferring callers easy!

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Our all-in-one phone and Unified Communications system, gives you everything you need for phone, online, and fax communications – including an unlimited calling plan, HD video, web and audio conferencing, a toll free phone number and online fax services in one affordable and easy to use system. Advanced tools like virtual receptionists give your business the tools you need to project a polished, professional image.

  • Complete Cloud-Based Phone System Including upgrades and maintenance.
  • Centralized administration Manage absolutely everything, even for multiple sites, on one simple website that works on desktop PC, laptop, smartphone and tablet.
  • Unlimited Calling To the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.
  • All-in-One Solution Get a toll free phone number, fax and unlimited HD video, audio and web conferencing.
  • Instant Mobility With our Mobile Softphones for PC, iPad®, iPhone® and Android™.
  • Advanced Voicemail Get messages anywhere: in email as recording or transcribed message; online, mobile app, and text notification.
  • Put Phones Wherever You Need Them The flexibility of cordless phones is priceless.
  • Mix and match cordless handsets and cordless desk phones with our other LCD desk phones to create the perfect setup for your business.
  • Virtual Receptionist Professionally greet callers and get them to the right person every time.
  • High Quality LCD Desk Phones and Cordless Phones Mix and match phones as needed!
  • Avoid the cost of wiring and put phones wherever you need them.
  • Easily Programmed Phone Memory Keys So employees actually use the features.
  • Advanced mobility features Including fax-to-email, call twinning and mobile apps.
  • Unified Voicemail Box With email delivery, online access, mobile app and text notifications.
  • Audio, Video and Web Conferencing Connect face-to-face from any device with unlimited meetings for up to 25 participants.