Hosted Disaster Recovery

Cloud Disaster Recovery


Real revenues are lost when a business is hard down and without access to data and applications.

High Availability with CloudRecovery Features

Our infrastructure resides in Tier 3, Class 1 data centers that provide the highest level of availability. These facilities have fault-tolerant site infrastructure with electrical power storage and distribution facilities with expected availability of 99.995%. Some advantages of our facilities over a customer-based data center or lower tier data center include independently dual-powered cooling equipment, multiple independent power distribution paths, dual redundant UPS battery systems, multiple diesel generators to power a facility for seven days without primary power from utilities, priority contracts for diesel refueling (second only to hospitals, medical centers, first responders, and government agencies), and earthquake resistance.

CloudRecovery with Failover

Our premiere Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity product, CloudRecovery with Failover, equips customers with the tools they need to ensure their mission critical applications are available to their users during any type of crisis that can occur at the customer’s premises or due to natural disasters that can impact entire communities, cities, states, and even regions of the nation. Business server infrastructure can range from a single server environment to businesses with dozens or hundreds of servers. CloudRecovery focuses on the key servers housing the applications that a business cannot survive without. When initiated, CloudRecovery can bring a business back up in production mode within the our Cloud in a matter of minutes or hours, rather than traditional backup and recovery services that can take hours, days or even weeks.


Our CloudRecovery (backup only) is a storage-on-demand, data storage solution that provides businesses with complete control over the storage, distribution and retrieval of data from any location, anytime, using our CloudPortal. CloudRecovery delivers a full range of benefits customers have come to rely on including rapid implementation, elimination of upfront capital expenditures on hardware and ongoing maintenance costs, and the ability to rapidly deploy additional storage on an as-needed basis. It is designed to help mid-sized businesses easily implement cloud storage infrastructures that support key data protection functionalities such as replication, backup/restore, data archiving, disaster recovery, data & application mobility, data availability/security, and elastic capacity.

Cloud Storage Attributes:

  • Adaptive data storage that expands in real time to accommodate the amount of data inside
  • Enterprise-grade network security features
  • Predefined storage policies to control distribution of data
  • Pay-for-what-you-use pricing that includes storage capacity, network, and security services
  • Round-the-clock access to your data backed by a service-level agreement of 100% availability

Cloud Storage Benefits:

  • Specify location of the data, which impacts  performance objectives and regulatory compliance
  • Avoid upfront capital expenditures on hardware and ongoing operating expense on maintenance
  • Utilize additional storage capacity without additional planning or integration
  • Meet peak demand without over provisioningSupplement your other storage systems for data retention

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