How Cloud Communications went from Suggested to Necessary for Businesses

There was a point in time during which providers would say that cloud communications were “a good idea” or “nice to have.” Those days are long gone, though. Being that communication is the most important facet to running a company, the use of cloud-based communications is quickly becoming a need rather than a want. If you’ve yet to use cloud communications, you’re missing out on a whole world of efficiency and the second you convert you’ll understand why they have such a religious following.

Cloud Communications are Cost-Effective
No matter what kind of business you run, no matter how many employees you have, no matter how widespread your reach, your business and every other business have something in common: the need to drive down overhead costs. Landline phones are charging you left and right for international calls, new installations, new equipment, et cetera. With cloud phone systems, reparations can be performed remotely; equipment is provided; there are no more wires and no need to have people come service your office. Your calls are performed through the internet so there are no more charges for calling internationally. The cloud offers so many ways to save money.

They Offer more Modern Features
Let’s face it: everything is going virtual. Phones are great, they’re extremely important, but it’s not likely that they’re your only – or even your primary – form of communication internally or externally. You now have instant messaging (IM), voicemail, e-mail, video conferencing, and so many other options for how to get your message across. Not only do cloud communications services offer all this – they’re called Unified Communications, or UC for short – they also allow you to do it seamlessly. No more paying one provider for this and another provider for that. It all comes in one package and it’s seamless, so you can get your voicemails sent to your e-mail, your IMs sent to your smartphone, and more.

Your Customers will Thank You
By now you know the importance of valuing your customers. How are you going to prove it to them? By letting them sit on hold for 20 minutes while they try to get through to you? By letting their calls go unanswered? That’s no way to run a business, and the cloud addresses that. Cloud based communications allow you to easily set up toll free numbers, set up a virtual operator to direct calls accurately, and make calls bounce back if no one picks up the line so that they don’t get dropped and forgotten about. They also allow you to forward your phone number to another employee’s phone or to your mobile phone so that customers are still being tended to even if you’re away from your desk.


If you’ve yet to adopt the cloud, you’re not only wasting time and money, you’re letting your customers down. It’s time to embrace the technological advancements that 2015 has offered us and improve your business communications.